Valuing Feedback Over Formula

Reflecting on a year of writing with a creative, highly capable group of year 4 children

  • English /writing stories and just writing in general
  • I have enjoyed english because you can make stories and i think it’s creative
  • Writing in paragraphs
  • writing an information text on an animal of my choice
  • English: using describing words
  • I like writing stories and making them into books but my favourite things were illustrating the book, making poems and editing my work with my teacher.
  • I enjoyed and had success in story writing.
  • use of language
  • Writing a more complicated text
  • To not add more writing that is not needed
  • I have improved at setting out my paragraphs.
  • The flow of my stories and the understanding
  • I have improved on using speech marks.
  • Using pronouns to replace the noun
  • I have improved by using different words
  • I’ve improved in the entertainment of my stories. I also started using more powerful words.
  • Writing in paragraphs and vocabulary
  • Structuring my writing
  • To use more adjectives in my writing
  • to work on where to start a new paragraph and use less commas.
  • Use good words in writing
  • Hooks in the people reading
  • Writes about something they are passionate about
  • Some technical words that brings meaning
  • Structure
  • Introduce the people
  • Describing words that bring a picture, good vocab
  • Don’t put in all the little details because it can be boring
  • Don’t keep doing and then, and then
  • Make the story flow
  • Good punctuation at the right time
  • Know when to use a new paragraph
  • Speech marks when someone is talking, talking between the characters
  • Have a good / interesting problem
  • Use words that mean the same but different / synonyms, Change words like big to large, adjectives
  • Don’t keep adding time frames — 5 minutes later, 1 hour later etc
  • Creativity
  • Check in with the teacher for feedback and check out
  • Set the scene
  • Same tense
  • Make it fluent, not muddled up
  • Read through and edit
  • Don’t repeat yourself, backtrack



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Abe Moore

Education blog. "I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say" - Flannery O'Connor