School as an Extension of Home

Exploring Acceptance, Access, Abundance and Attention


A Tesla coil created by a student for an exhibition of learning called “Sparks and Stories”. Kids need time and space to find a problem, passion or purpose to plug into.


The dictionary definition of access is “the ability, right, or permission to approach, enter, speak with, or use; admittance.” When it comes to access to learning, does what we do match up with what we want to achieve? In my experience, school needlessly creates and compounds barriers to learning.

Does what we do match up with what we want to achieve?

Kids should have access to the full scope of the curriculum. Limiting access to concepts and siloed subjects because they have been designated to certain grade-levels is an invention of school. In “The End Of The Rainbow”, Dr Susan Engel advocates for the use of complex and ambitious ‘endeavours’ instead of topics or subject-based activities.

Creating authentic audiences and opportunities for students to share their skills and learning is a vital part of access and abundance.


“When we let kids make themselves comfortable, that’s abundance.” — Ira Socol

“What we should be measuring and comparing is not our children but the quality of the learning environments we provide for them.” — Carol Black

Trust is abundance. When we trust children, they learn to be trustworthy. In my experience, when we create opportunities for kids to make real decisions about learning content, their use of time and space, and the use of technology and tools, we have little to lose and everything to gain.


All children have extraordinary stories to tell if we take the time to listen. All children have gifts and talents. Our job as educators is to create opportunities and experiences that allow kids to shine.



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Abe Moore

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