Dear New Kid

The last act for the class of 2019 was to pen a letter to the “new kids” in 2020. They were asked to share anything they wished they had known when they joined the class as a year six student.
  • You are trusted to go to the bathroom, eat or to get a drink without needing to ask all the time. Just let an adult know where you are going.
  • In this class, you are trusted to choose where you would like to sit. You have many different spaces and choice about how you use them. Use your space and time wisely!
  • The teacher will not be always looking over your shoulder or even be in the classroom all the time, you are trusted to do the right thing. When no one is watching you, it shouldn’t impact your behaviour.
  • You are trusted.
  • You will use first names for everyone, including Abe, but you can call him Mr Moore if you like.
  • You don’t need to put your hand up when you have a question, answer or opinion. Just wait for a pause in the conversation before speaking.
  • Grades. There are no grades or scores. You will get feedback on your work and will have time to reflect and improve your work. It will help you immensely.
  • Also, respect your Chromebook as a tool, not as a toy.



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