Better Problems

What kind of problems do we want?

“Every student should be able to walk into any classroom and decide for themselves where, how, and if to sit.” — Ira Socol, Timeless Learning.

“What you teach is far more important than how you teach.”

“What kind of problems do we want?”

Human Restoration Project (HRP) has identified twenty systems, summarized within 4 values statements, that must be changed for a human-centric, equitable system that creates a better future for all. Check the full primer (PDF)
"This work doesn’t provide firm answers or simple solutions. These do not exist in solving the complex, nuanced issues of the education system which is rooted in inequity, lack of proper funding, and systemic racism, sexism, and greed. This
primer outlines the philosophy of progressive education, which is the antithesis of the growing movement to test, retest, and dehumanize the education process."
- HRP Primer



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Abe Moore

Education blog. "I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say" - Flannery O'Connor